Addimat USB2 Waiter Lock

We would like to turn your attention to one more device designed for secure user authentication on Windows and compatible with Rohos Logon Key. This is the RFID tag from the Swiss company Addimat.

It was originally designed for identifying wait staff in pizzerias, restaurants, and cafés. It consists of an RFID reader with a round magnetic opening and a set of matching cylindrical keys. Each key has a rugged and waterproof body. Woven into the body of the key is an individual 48-byte serial number and a PIN code, which in some models can be reprogrammed.


Installing the driver

The reader can be produced with a Com or USB2 interface. To set up the reader with a COM interface, you do not need any special drivers. The computer will recognize the device on its own. To set up the reader with the USB2 interface, you must download the driver from the German site

You can also downlod the drivers from our site:

Unpack the archive and launch the installer. The program will install the drivers on the system. Connect the reader with the key to the computer. Then, open the control panel, go to System, and then choose Device Manager. The Addimat device will be shown with a question mark. Right-click on it and select the command for updating the driver. Set the driver installation process to search automatically. The program should then find the driver on the computer. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, a driver has not been released for Windows 8. We hope that when you finally read these lines, such a driver will be available.

Configuring the Rohos Logon Key program

Now you can launch Rohos Logon Key and configure its options. In the list of devices, choose RFID Readers. Easyident/Addimat. Click on Options. Choose Com3 and click OK. Open the Options again. Alongside the list of COM ports, there should be a notification that the tag has been detected. If this is not the case, choose another port.


The rest of the procedure for creating a key does not differ from using an ordinary USB Flash storage device.


When entering the system, insert the Addimat cylindrical key in the magnetic opening on the reader. Authentication will be fast and hassle-free. When you remove the key, after a few seconds the computer will either be locked or you will be logged out of the system, depending on what you choose in the settings. The key itself is small in size and cylindrical in shape, which makes it convenient to carry around in one’s pockets and find by touch.


We would like to thank the Addimat company for providing us with their devices and information on how to implement them.