Lexar JumpDrive 2GB. Part. 2. Lexar Secure II. (Data Security, USB and Flash)

We go on with the review of the Lexar JumpDrive flash drive with embedded disk encryption software Secure II. It is the component of the USB flash drive and is pre-installed in the Ceedo main menu.

So, The Main Menu Lexar Secure II:


After starting Secure II, we see its main window with three main functions: Encrypted Vault , File Encryption and Shredder.

Encrypted Vault offers a disk encryption based on the file-container and transparent on-the-fly encryption.

The creation of the virtual disk is fulfilled in 3 steps. At the last stage the Program enforces the user to enter the password of at least 8 symbols (!!). The password should be entered each time when you want to mount encrypted disk.

The program allows to create several disks:


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Lexar JumpDrive 2GB. Part 1. Ceedo


Recently we occasionally encountered the USB flash drive Lexar JumpDrive 2GB with embedded USB drive encryption software. The set of the USB device includes the mobile platform PowerToGo (aka Ceedo), and it in its turn has the mobile application Lexar Secure II – that represents a great interest for us. By the way there is an indicator of the free space on the frame of the USB flash drive (see the Figure above) – that is a very useful thing :).

Lexar Secure II allows to create encrypted containers on the USB flash drive (like Rohos Disk). We would like to clear out how the program Secure II (and the platform PowerToGo in whole) works when the computer has no Administrator privileges, and in general the quality and convenience of this program.

1. So, First Starting Up…


During the first start the application PowerToGo i.e. Ceedo starts. Ceedo is an analogue of the U3 platform for mobile applications from the USB drives. We are briefly familiar with U3 at our blog. To my mind Ceedo is a more sophisticated platform. At Ceedo start-up the pro-active protection of my Norton antivirus rejected almost each operation – that confirms that the platform is very “obsessive” and leaves many tracks on PC.

While starting, Ceedo checks its updates and downloads them without prior asking. This cheers up as Ceedo identified my German Windows and also switched to the German language. It also automatically “mobilized” my MS Word, Excel and MS Outlook Express. Next time I will write a  more detailed information about “Mobilization” of the regular applications with the help of Ceedo Aplication Virtualization.

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