Rohos Mini Drive creates hidden and encrypted partition on your USB flash drive memory. It’s the only program that doesn’t require Administrator Privileges to open password protected USB drive partition on another computer! But there is encrypted partition size limit – 8 GB.

Why to stop at that?
Upgrade it NOW up to the more advanced version:

Special offer – SAVE 12$!

Advanced version provides:
  • Unlimited encryption capacity 1 TB and even more.
  • Works with 2 and more encrypted volumes any size on a laptop, PC and USB drives, portable HDD.
  • Use advanced features:
    – Increase size of encrypted disk container anytime.
    – Replace your long and secure password for encrypted disk with more convenient electronic authentication token: iKey (or any other PKCS#11), wireless Tag (MiFare) , Java smartcard or even regular USB flash drive as an access key.
    – File Shredder allows securely erase data on USB drives and PC and copy it to Rohos Disk.
    – Steganography provides plausible deniability concept: hide the fact of having confidential encrypted secrets.
  • see Rohos Mini vs. Rohos Disk Encryption
  • And all this just for 23$!

How to upgrade:

  • Purchase Full Version
  • Connect your USB flash drive to the computer
  • You do not need to uninstall Rohos Mini
  • Install Rohos Disk Encryption over the existing copy of Rohos Mini. (Download link will be included into registration email)
  • Enter the license key in the dialog box of Rohos Disk > Help > Get Registered