Makes the standard Windows logon procedure more convenient. It allows you to access a Windows computer in an easy and fast way by using any web camera. Login is performed automatically once the face has been recognized by the program. Rohos Face Logon identifies a user by biometric verification based on neural network technology.


Face recognition benefits:

Automatic login or unlocking the desktop when your face is recognized.
Multi-user support – You may register the faces of several users for any user account!
All registered face patterns are saved and unsatisfactory ones may be deleted.

In this video you will see:

  • How registering face models works for proper face recognition with Rohos.
  • Unlocking Windows using face recognition.
  • Rohos Face Logon auto-training using face models that were not recognized before.
  • Viewing the list of faces that have been used for login/unlocking over the last week.
  • Hiding the face recognition dialogue from the logon window to order to 1) prevent people from knowing that you use face logon, and 2) make it impossible for another person to use your face or your photo to access your computer.

Comparison Matrix – Rohos Face Logon, Standard vs Free :

Key features

Standard Edition
Freeware Edition
Automatic Windows login or unlocking the desktop when your face is recognized.
Multi user accounts support for face detection
Keep a history of all face login attempts
[Unique] The option Hide Rohos Face Logon window during login hides the fact that the program is present.
Power saving – suspend the recognition process if there is no user activity.
[Unique] Allows using a USB flash drive as a backup key to log in to Windows

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System requirements:

  • Windows XP/ Vista/ Seven / 8 /10 /(x86,x64)
  • webcam
  • 5 MB free hard disk space