The unique project – Rohos Logon Key for Mac was launched in July 2008 and due to the offered security and usability its popularity grows day by day not only among the users but among professional people as well. To learn more what is said about Rohos Logon Key for Mac please, read:

Rohos Logon Key for Mac – Review

“Have you ever worried that your Mac may be insecure? What if someone learns your password?…Rohos, a software firm based in Moldova, says their Rohos Logon Key for Mac can address these issues, and more…”

“Concerned your machine might be vulnerable to snoopers? Rohos Logon Key could be just what you’re looking for. Simply put, it transforms any USB key into a security dongle for your Mac…”


The Unofficial Apple Weblog
“We’ve covered USB key security systems before, but Rohos Logon Key looks like an interesting new player in the field for two reasons: cost and convenience…”

“…Quite cool if you need a convenient way to secure your files from friends and relatives…”
“Mac owners with more than a touch of paranoia should head straight for the website of Moldovan security firm Rohos with any old USB flash drive at the ready…”