In Rohos Disk ciphering program there is File-Shredder, that allows you to move files and directories to your secret Rohos disk. After files were moved they are deleted by shredder without moving them to the basket.

How File-Shredder works:

To delete file reliably and be sure that nobody can recover it and get access to data you wanted to destroy forever, you need to use another approach. This approach is implemented in programs called file-shredders.

Such programs work in this way:

  • File content is polished, i.e. disk space it occupied earlier is filled with other data (random number sequence). In this way you may fully destroy data presence by saving another data over it.
  • Then file is deleted

File-Shredder in Rohos:

File-Shredder is installed with the Rohos program and integrated into Windows Explorer Send-To menu.

File-Shredder allows not only to delete unnecessary files but to move files into wanted place (for example into other directory, into outside hard drive or into USB drive) and to destroy information about deleted files.

file shredder

File-shredder works in this way in Rohos Disk:

  1. Choose files you want to move or simply delete
  2. Right mouse button click on chosen files
  3. Choose «Send To» sub-menu. Then click on Rohos File-shredder. Rohos Disk shredder window, where chosen files list would be, will open.
  4. Specify, if necessary, where chosen files and directories are to be placed before destroying. This can be another directory, USB flash drive or virtual cipher disk made by Rohos program
  5. Choose action type:
    a. Copy and delete
    b. Delete only
  6. Click OK button to confirm chosen action