Using YubiKey token to log in into Remote Desktop

Hey All,

We would like to announce new release of Rohos Logon Key with YubiKey token support.

Key features:

  1. Doesn’t require to install anything on client computers
  2. Support cross Remote Desktop connections. (RDC via RDC)
  3. Cross platform: Connect to Windows Remote Desktop from Mac or Linux also
  4. Works with Windows Active Directory configurations
  5. Support password update/renewal policies
  6. Allows to quickly Add or disable certain YubiKey tokens for access
  7. Works in Windows 2003-2016 Terminal Servers

What’s new for YubiKey security:

  • Support for remote OTP verification and local OTP decryption
  • Yubikey setup dialog where you can Enter Yubico authentication web site or AES key for OTP decryption

With this features Rohos Logon Key offers a unique solution to access Windows Remote Desktop with a hardware token without installing anything on the client PC. Therefore you can make RDP connection from Windows, Mac or Linux with help of Yubikey authentication. To set up the solution you need to install Rohos Logon Key + Rohos Logon Key Server version only on the TS server (Windows 2003/2008).

We have improved Rohos Logon Key Server version to better support Yubikey device:

  • It allows Network Administrator to enable a certain Yubikey token for remote logon even without having it (by a OTP sample)
  • Administrator can easily disable any Yubikey from being used to access remote desktop

If you are using Rohos Logon Key for local logon you can upgrade and choose to verify each generated OTP against Yubico’s server.