All new Rohos Logon for Mac

We are glad to present Rohos Logon Key v.3 (for Mac OS X) with multiple
authentication methods support. Now it is possible to setup USB drive or
any smartphone as a key for your Mac and use all of them at any time.

Rohos Logon Key allows to use USB stick, any mobile phone or Yubikey to login and unlock Mac without using password.
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Automatically logon in Windows 8

Sometimes it is necessary to provide a user the automatically logon in Windows
without using of any key and password. Administrator’s account, however, must be protected with a password and hardware key.

Windows 8 allows you to login without writing a password, although it was assigned.

For example, we’ve created a user account User321, and assigned a
password for it. For administrative purposes we have got an Admin with
his own password on the same machine.
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How to setup a key for each user on MAC OS X 10.9. Step-by-step manual.

To use a hardware key instead of a password for each user do the following:

  • Install Rohos Logon Key application on your MAC:


    1. Download the application from page;

    2. Unzip the archive;
    3. Use Uninstall application to delete the old version of Rohos Logon Key application from your computer;
    4. Launch RohosLogon v3.0 beta;
    5. After wizard finishes his work, You will have Rohos icon in the launchpad:

      Launch the application and setup the key for current user.

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Unlock Windows/Mac computer by using your smartphone as a key

Updated: June 2020.

Rohos Logon Key with new “Push 2FA” login method, allows to unlock your computer without entering password, just by using your iPhone or Android smartphone.

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Welcome to 2014

Dear users and customers,

We are happy to be with you for 9 years since first release of Rohos Disk Encryption in 2005. In next year we will continue to develop our security tools for all of you. Today we would like to share  our plans, ideas and discount coupons for sure  🙂


What’s new planned for Rohos Logon Key:

  • 2-factor Authentication by using your phone (Android, iOS) as a key;
    In Brief: When your phone is connected to your WiFi network it can send authentication signal to your PC in order to login or unlock desktop;
  • The possibility to use different types of authentication devices at the same time for Windows/Mac logon. For example: you will be able to use a different types of PKCS#11 tokens, Yubikey, Phone at the same time for a single PC;
  • Improve Corporate Network and AD environment support;
  • Upgrade Rohos Logon Key for Mac up to Windows version level: Free release for App Store, more features for standard version.

What’s new planned for Rohos Disk Encryption:

  • Possibility to use your phone (Android, iOS) as an encryption key for your encrypted disk;
  • Possibility to use Cloud File Hosting like DropBox as secret key storage for Rohos Disk. It will allow you to create encrypted disk connected with a shared File on your DropBox (this file contains a part of encryption keys for rohos disk). If you want to make Rohos Disk inaccessible forever – just delete the file from DropBox or stop sharing it;
  • We will continue to develop “Encrypt folder” feature that allows easily encrypt and keep portable Data Profile Folders for many Apps like Skype, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and others that operate with your personal and confidential information.

Meet new Products

Please meet our new Products and – both products performs digital surveillance for computers and mobile devices. KidLogger is a service for Parental Controls, and StaffCounter is for employee monitoring.

Discount coupons

20% off for all products: NEW14

(Coupon is valid up to 15 Jan 2014)


Login by your face with 2-factor authentication

We are glad to announce Face Logon v.3.1 with 2-factor authentication feature for face login and USB drive Windows login.

Rohos Face Logon allows to log into Windows computer in an easy, fast and secure way by using your face or USB flash drive. The login of the user is performed automatically once the face has been recognized by the program or USB key is connected to PC. Rohos Face Logon provides identification of a user by biometric verification in an automatic continuous process, based on neural network technology.

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Rohos Logon Key v.3.1 security features

Rohos Logon Key v3.1 introduces a number of significant changes. Now it allows to apply 2-factor authentication policy based on user list or user group membership in Active Directory. This will allow to test and implement 2-factor authentication step by step.

New features:

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Rohos Logon Key 3.0 with OATH support

Let us present you a new version of Rohos Logon Key program – Rohos Logon Key 3.0 with OATH support. Now you can use popular Google Authenticator and Yubikey H-OTP for 2-factor Windows login.

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Using Google Authenticator OTP for Windows login

The access to your computer or user account is usually password-protected. But sometimes it is not enough, especially, when your data requires high level of confidentiality. You don’t want to provide attackers with the chance to get hold of your most secret stuff and your data, don’t you? We has included Google Authenticator and Yubikey HOTP support into Rohos Logon Key. Now Windows login is performed in High-Safety mode by using Time based One Time Password and HOTP codes.

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