Rohos Logon Key for Lion OS share finish

Hello dear users!

During last months, we have tasted Rohos Logon Key for Mac OS. We no more regard it as a beta version.  It’s a new level of security for your Mac. Rohos Logon Key for Lion OS is a save way to protect your private information on any laptop or computer.

We would like to return thanks to our users for their contribution and feedback. For everybody who has tested software. It helps us to improve program, to fix minor bugs.
We congratulate all the users who got free license key for being involved in the test period.

Rohos Logon Key v. 2.4 handle Lion OS X . A new level of security

We are really happy to announce a beta version of Rohos Logon Key for MAC OS X Lion. Despite Apple Inc, promised to fix the issue with Authentication plugin 4 months ago, and they didnt until now. We decided to release this beta now.

Known issues:

  • We was not able to support new Lion login screen with user icons
  • Rohos replaces login screen with a generic-style – “Please Enter User name and password” (see on the screenshot)
  • Restart/Sleep buttons doesnt work for a while on the login screen

Rohos Logon Key features:

  • Two-factor authentication: PIN code + USB flash drive.
  • Transform any USB flash drive into the key to your MAC.
  • You don’t need to enter your password manually each time you unlock your Mac or system preferences.
  • Easy-to-use and configure.
  • Supports Yubikey, USB Drive,Touchatag, Bluetooth devices for authentication
  • Unlock system keychain by using USB Key.

Rohos Logon Key – Logging into OS X Lion:

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