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New! How to set up two YubiKey For Windows and Mac
The YubiKey authentication device now can be used in Rohos Logon Key as an access Key for login into Windows and macOS.

New! Windows logon with YubiKey
The popular YubiKey authentication device now can be used in Rohos Logon Key as an access Key for login into Windows.

New! Authentication in Windows with Bluetooth device
The Rohos Logon Key enables to use wireless devices equipped with Bluetooth for computer security. Your mobile phone or pocket PC, Palm, Nokia plays the role of your wireless key from your computer.

New! How to secure your Computer by using eToken
The popular eToken now can be used in the programs Rohos Logon Key and Rohos Disk as an integrated Key for login into Windows and for data security.

New! Access your computer by biometric USB flash drive
It is possible to use biometric USB flash drives with Rohos Logon Key. Therefore, access to Windows is available after the secured partition of the USB flash drive is made visible by a recognized fingerprint.

Windows XP Hibernate advantages.
Many desktop and laptop users do not use hibernation in spite of all the advantages: quick Windows startup, possibility to continue recent work without opening needed programs, plus password protection after resume. Use of hibernate feature can increase your work convenience, especially if you have to keep open many windows and programs…

How to optimize Rohos using registry tweaks?
How to hide Rohos icon near the clock or Disable Rohos notifications? Here’s Registry Guide for Rohos that provides a range of registry tweaks, tricks & hacks for optimizing, enhancing and securing Rohos.

How to change text on the Rohos welcome screen?
Personalizing login screen with custom messages is fun! Here are some registry tweaks to enhance your welcome screen appearance for pleasant start-up.

Tips & tricks
How to create a Shortcut to Lock Your Computer
You can create a shortcut to lock your computer with a click. This will help you if you use Windows 2000.

How to change the default action with removable media on the Windows XP\2000?
Whenever you plug in a USB flash drive Windows XP prompts the user to indicate what to do with the media? When using Rohos Logon Key for login into Windows by USB flash drive, “removable drive autoplay” behavior may be also unusable. Here’s how to configure Windows XP not to autoplay anything on the removable drive.

Security related topics

Remote Desktop login via USB key. Use Terminal Services RDP protocolNew! How to log in into Remote Desktop securely by using hardware USB token (USB flash drive). Rohos Logon Key works with Remote Desktop connection program and allows logging in into your Remote Desktop by using hardware USB token. (two-factor authentication solution)…

New! How to use Rohos Logon Key in a network environment
The program has a special ‘server’ edition setup that includes USB Key administration tools that allows to manage multiple USB stick.

New! Access your Windows Vista computer by using USB flash drive.

How two-factor authentication works in Rohos Logon Key.
Learn more on how Rohos Logon Key protects your personal information and data with a Two-Factor Authentication technology using USB flash drives.

The basics of computer protection.
If you are the only holder of a computer or owner of a shared family PC – you might still want to set up your computer with user accounts, privileges and other security rules and software. It prevents unauthorized access to the system, makes it more stable and let you enjoy sharing the home PC.

How to choose a convenient and strong password?
It is not true when they say that security improves as password complexity increases. In reality, complex passwords that comply with “security-enhancing” principles lead to one outcome: Users write down their passwords. …
Learn to use our tips to make your password hard to guess and easy to remember.

How to prevent a forgotten password?

7 ways to use Rohos Desktop Security combine
Learn to keep your computer and personal data more secure with Rohos Desktop Security combine.

How to configure USB flash drive for Windows Logon.
If you don’t want to remember and type in your Windows password every time, you can easily set up your USB flash drive as an access key to your PC.

Technology related topics New!

Tesline-Service GINA. Advanced Authentication module for Windows 2000/XP/2003.
GINA is a replaceable DLL component for Windows NT/2000/XP that implements the authentication policy of the interactive logon model. The following topics cover conceptual information about GINA DLL module developed by Tesline-Service S.R.L., USB flash drive identification mechanism, PIN code entry and Windows Logon related issues.

How to increase password security with two-factor authentication.
It is not true when they say that security improves as password complexity increases. In reality, users simply write down difficult passwords, leaving the system vulnerable. Security is better increased when you use two-factor authentication solutions. Here’s how to configure two-factor authentication for Windows and how it affects your Windows security.

New! Inside the Rohos virtual encrypted disk.
Rohos software creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mounts it as a real disk drive. Encryption is automatic, real-time (on-the-fly) and transparent. Here you’ll find out how it works.

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Rohos Logon Key

Video guides on using Rohos access control, encryption software and USB key usage

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